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Baldo: Aesopus Novus


About Baldo, we know nothing more than his name. The fables in his collection, usually referred to as the Aesopus Novus or Alter Aesopus, are eastern in origin, derived from the Panchatantra/Kalila-wa-Dimna tradition. For some background about the Panchatantra and Kalila-wa-Dimna, you can visit the Hitopadesha unit in my World Literature course website. For more Latin story collections derived from this tradition, see the Directorium Humanae Vitae at this wiki,  the Liber Kalilae et Dimnae, and the version by Raimundus de Bitteris. For additional resources, check the books tagged "Panchatantra" in my GoogleBooks Library.


You will find the text of these fables at The Latin Library on a single page, which is why I have not linked to the individual fables.


I. [De cane et umbra prede.]

II. [De agricola, qui thesaurum inuenit.]

III. [De fatuo, qui sapienciam acquirit.]

IV. [De sompnolento et fure.]

V. [De paupere et fure.]

VI. [De fure, qui radium lunae equitauit.]

VII. [De fraudulento, qui sua fraude decipitur.]

VIII. [De simia, que secare uoluit.]

IX. [De duobus ursis et rege eorum.]

X. [De columba, mure, coruo, testudine et capreolo.]

XI. [De bubonibus et coruis.]

XII. [De simia et testudinibus.]

XIII. [De uulpe, leone et asino.]

XIV. [De uulpe et leone.]

XV. [De rege et duobus pulicibus.]

XVI. [De coruo et angue.]

XVII. [De uiro et uase olei.]

XVIII. [De mure et gatto.]

XIX. [De uiro, dracone et simia.]

XX. [De fure in testimonium arborem inuocante.]

XXI. [De lepore, gatto et pardo.]

XXII. [De camelo, coruo, lupo, ursa et leone.]

XXIII. [De ariete canem simulante.]

XXIV. [De uulpe et lupo.]

XXV. [De ueruecibus et coco regis.]

XXVI. [De cane et lupo.]

XXVII. [De uiro, coniuge et mediatrice.]

XXVIII. [De uulpe et gatto.]

XXIX. [De lupo et hirco.]

XXX. [De uulpe et gallo.]

XXXI. [De leone et mure.]

XXXII. [De uulpe et ibide.]

XXXIII. [De ceruo et equo.]

XXXIV. [De mulo, uulpe et lupo.]

XXXV. [De serpente et uiatore et uulpe iudice.]

[Epilogus: De ciconia stercorata.]

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