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Barlow 26. DE RANA ET BOVE


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To get a ready-to-print crossword puzzle for filling in, just click on the image; it will open in a new window and you can print the file.


Across Down
3 Son
5 Even if; although
6 Ox; bull
8 Begin; start
10 Frog
12 Afterwards; a second time
15 Shout repeatedly; yell loudly
16 Burst; snap
17 For; that is to say
19 Swell up; puff up
20 Mother
22 Spread out; extend
25 Never; not ever
27 Be
28 That
29 When; since; because; with 
1 Desiring; longing for
2 Stop; cease
4 Disregard; think unimportant
7 Encourage; urge
9 Conquer; defeat; win
11 To; towards
13 Advice; suggestion
14 Nothing
18 Himself; herself; itself
21 Equal; level
23 Third
24 Son; child
26 But; moreover 


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