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To get a ready-to-print crossword puzzle for filling in, just click on the image; it will open in a new window and you can print the file.


Across Down
4 Companion; associate
6 Reveal; betray
11 Bird; winged creature
12 That
13 Himself; herself; itself
14 Doubt
16 Partridge
19 Entice; lure
20 Grab; grasp
21 Which; that
23 Fowler; birdcatcher
25 No way; by no means
27 Let go; send away
28 Ask
1 I
2 Far off; far from
3 Most; very many
5 Be
7 Promise
8 Pleadingly; humbly
9 Net; snare
10 Trick; deceive
15 In; into
17 Stretch out; spread
18 Yours
19 Bird
22 Make; do
24 As; so; so that
25 For; for instance
26 This


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