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Barlow 93. DE VULPE ET UVA


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To get a ready-to-print crossword puzzle for filling in, just click on the image; it will open in a new window and you can print the file.


Across Down
1 Which; that
4 Begone; away with
6 Indeed
8 Finally
11 That; that there of yours
13 Offer; present
15 Freely; at no cost
16 Altogether; completely
18 Leap; jump
22 Ground; soil
24 Harsh; bitter
28 Bunch; cluster
30 Tire out; exhaust
31 Indignant; outraged
32 Truly; surely
33 Unripe; untimely
36 Try; attempt
37 So; so much; to such an extent
2 Lie; lie down
3 I
5 Go away; depart
7 I say
9 If
10 Repeat
12 Hollow; fruitless
14 In vain; unsuccessfully
17 In order not to; so that not
19 Be
20 Fox; vixen
21 Effort; attempt
23 Nasty; filthy
25 Raise up; lift on high
26 Hang; hang down
27 Touch; reach
29 As; so; so that
34 Grape
35 But


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