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Barlow 101. DE SENE ET MORTE


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To get a ready-to-print crossword puzzle for filling in, just click on the image; it will open in a new window and you can print the file.


Across Down
3 Arrival; coming
4 As; so; so that
6 When; since; because; with
7 I
10 Fall down; slip down
11 Which; that
12 Who; what
15 Aged; old
16 End; limit
17 Tired; disgusted
20 Poor; unfortunate
22 Put on; set
23 Life
25 Inquire; ask
26 Call upon; pray for
27 Weighed down; burdened
28 Death
30 Fate; lot in life
31 Bundle; packet
32 Come to; arrive
1 Reply
2 Be
3 To; towards
4 Shoulder; upper arm
5 His-hers-its
8 Nothing
9 Again; in turn
13 Troubled; full of difficulty
14 Help
18 Want; will
19 Finally
21 Scare; frighten
24 Fix; pin down
29 But
30 Himself; herself; itself


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