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Across Down
1 Hide; conceal
4 Stall; stable
13 Safe; secure
15 Uncover; lay bare
17 Enter; go into
18 Body
21 Cast about; move in circles
24 Club; stick
26 Ox; bull
29 Soon; then
30 Rejoicing; cheerful
31 Flee; take refuge
35 Deer; stag
36 Depart; withdraw
37 Dog
38 Clap; applaud
39 His-hers-its
2 Lazily; listlessly
3 Here; to this place
5 Master; owner
6 Chase; overtake
7 Horn
8 Assail; attack
9 Go to; approach
10 Scan; scrutinize
11 Servant; groom
12 Thing; business
14 Neighbor
16 Eye
19 Immediately; at once
20 Except; besides
22 Luck; fortune
23 Carefully; diligently
25 There
27 To that place; there
28 Assert; reckon
32 Too much; very much
33 Place
34 All; whole


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