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Vincent of Beauvais


These fables are excerpted from Beauvais' Speculum historiale, and are included by Hervieux in his edition of the Phaedrus-Romulus fable tradition. There is some background information about Vincent of Beauvais at wikipedia, and there is a digital edition of the Speculum historiale online (with a French interface).


1. lupus et agnus.

2. mus et rana.

3. canis per fluvium carnem ferens.

4. vacca et capella ovis et leo.

5. lupus et grus.

6. vulpes et corvus.

7. leo senex aper taurus et asinus.

8. asinus domino blandiens.

9. leo et mus.

10. canis fidelis.

11. mons parturiens.

12. lepores et ranae.

13. graculus superbus et pavo.

14. cervus ad fontem.

15. formica et musca.

16. rana rupta et bos.

17. equus et asinus.

18. volucres quadrupedes et vespertilio.

19. luscinia accipiter et auceps.

20. homo et arbores.

21. canis et lupus.

22. membra et venter.

23. simius et vulpes.

24. negotiator et asellus.

25. vulpes et uva.

26. homines duo fallax verax et simii.

27. asinus et leo.

28. de leone et vulpe.

29. formica et cicada.

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