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In 1539, Ioachim Camerarius published his Appendix Fabularum Aesopicarum, a book which contains a number of original fables based on the Aesopic tradition. I've decided  to transcribe the fables which contain animals, either as characters or as important elements in the story.


The edition I've followed here is catalog number VD16 ZV 17592 from the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich; I cannot find any more modern edition of Camerarius at GoogleBooks - if anybody knows of another edition online, let me know!


Camerarius page 1

Fable 1. Vasculum Mellis

Fable 2. De Imperito

Fable 3. Manticae.

Fable 4. Vulpes et Aviculae.

Fable 5. Anserinus Incessus

Fable 6. Ab Apibus Ictus

Fable 7. Mala Mutata Peioribus

Fable 8. Mala Mutata Peioribus

Fable 9. Asinus Iudex.

Fable 10. Ranae et puer.


Camerarius page 2

Fable 11. De Asino et Navicula

Fable 12. De Fatuo Lignatore

Fable 13. Milvius Affectator

Fable 14. Adolescens Improbus

Fable 15. Dominus Asper Servis.

Fable 16. Fur et Carnifex

Fable 17. De Rustico et Ministro illius

Fable 18. Leporinum Caput.

Fable 19. De Rana et Sirpiculis

Fable 20. Rustica anus et puella


Camerarius page 3

Fable 21. Foeneratores

Fable 22. Robustus Bos

Fable 23. Asini Umbra

Fable 24. Hircus et Cribrum

Fable 25. Rusticus Athleta

Fable 26. Pater et Filius

Fable 27. Ictus ab Apibus

Fable 28. Pater et filiae

Fable 29. Nauta et Mercator

Fable 30. Pater et Filius Rusticus


Camerarius page 4

Fable 31. Canis Venaticus et Molossi Domestici

Fable 32. Tempestas in Mari

Fable 33. Malum Maiori Malo Correctum

Fable 34. De Fure et Sicario

Fable 35. Lupus et Vulpes.

Fable 36. Rusticus et Muscae

Fable 37. De Opulento et Paupere

Fable 38. De Vulpe et Gallo

Fable 39. Lupi et Canes

Fable 40. Canis Lectulus


Camerarius page 5

Fable 41. Vicini Duo.

Fable 42. Viatores

Fable 43. Aquila et Aves

Fable 44. Adolescens in Luctu.

Fable 45. Vulpes Damnata Capitis.

Fable 46. De Leone et Homine

Fable 47. Malum Auctum Irritatione

Fable 48. Duo Bellatores

Fable 49. Leporis Eruditio

Fable 50. Viatores Duo


Camerarius page 6

Fable 51. Emptor et Venditor

Fable 52. De Lupo et Porco

Fable 53. De Vulpe et Leone

Fable 54. Liguritor

Fable 55. Asinus et Corvi

Fable 56. Morio Vapulans

Fable 57. Fletus et Risus

Fable 58. De Anu et Iuvenculis

Fable 59. Corvi et Columbae

Fable 60. De Urso et Vulpe


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