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360. A Country-Fellow and a Hog.


361. A Florentine and a Horse-Courser.


362. A Christian and a Pagan.


363. An Ass taught Grammar.

There was a bold undertaking Pedant, wager'd his Neck against a certain Sum of Money, that in Ten Years time he would teach an Ass to Write, Read and Chop Logick. His Friends call'd him a Thousand Mad-men for casting away his Life upon so absolute an Impossibility. Pray, Gentlemen, (says the Undertaker) have but a little Patience; for 'tis odds, that before the Term's out, either the Prince Dies (that's a Party to the Contract), or the Ass Dies, or the Adventurer Dies, and then the Danger's over.

The Moral. Collusion without Malice is, in many Cases, not only Laudable but necessary.


364. A Priest and Epiphany. 


365. A Tavern Reckoning paid with a Song. 


366. A Frier, a Laick and a Wolf.


367. A Priest and a Sick Man.


368. A Physician that Cur'd Mad-Men.


369. A Country-Fellow Climbing a Tree.


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