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Perry 150: Leo et Mus

There are two distinct varieties of this story: the classical version, in which the lion learns a lesson from the mouse's gratitude - and a second version (starting with Abstemius), where the mouse decides to marry the lion's daughter as his reward... and the results are not good for the mouse!

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Commentary: Segmented version of the Latin text for easy reading.

Simplified Fable: Simplified version of the Latin text for pre-reading.

Barlow 23: English translation of the fable.

Morals: Original Latin moral, with translation.

Proverbs: Notes to the proverbs printed with this fable.

Macrons: Fable text with macrons.

Word List: Interactive online English word list.

Quia.com: Vocabulary flash cards, games, and quizzes, too!

Digital Book: Digital facsimile of page from Barlow's 1687 publication.


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