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Not in Perry: Vulpes in Puteo et Lupus

This is a very unusual fable, in that it takes a traditional Aesop's fable about people (specifically, about a drowning boy and a man on the riverbank - Perry 211) and retells that story with animal characters: a fox stuck in a well and a wolf. The fable can be found in Abstemius's second hecatomytium.


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Commentary: Segmented version of the Latin text for easy reading.

Barlow 42: English translation of the fable.

Morals: Original Latin moral, with translation.

Proverbs: Notes to the proverbs printed with this fable.

Macrons: Fable text with macrons.

Word List: Interactive online English word list.

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Crossword: Crossword puzzle based on vocabulary for this fable.

Digital Book: Digital facsimile of page from Barlow's 1687 publication.


(Click on the image for a larger view.)

Faernus 49. Vulpes et Lupus.


In puteum ab alto lapsa vulpes margine,

iamiam profundis haurienda aquis erat.

Misera ergo ab adventante forte illuc lupo

supplex petivit, fune demisso extrahi.

Ille otiosi more, quaerere institit,

quo lapsa pacto, quo fuisset tempore.

Prius eripe hinc me, dum licet, vulpes ait,

Deinde audies omne ordine, ut factum siet.

In re arta amici ne esse cunctator velis.




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