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I.7. Vulpis ad Personam


Parallels: For parallel versions, see Perry 27. For  help in translating the poem, use the page for this poem at NoDictionaries.com, with interlinear word lists! (Here are some tips on using the NoDictionaries tool.)


Persōnam tragicam fōrte vulpēs vīderat;

"Ō quanta speciēs" inquit "cerebrum nōn habet!"

Hōc illīs dictum est quibus honōrem et glōriam

Fōrtūna tribuit, sēnsum commūnem abstulit.


Fōrte vulpēs persōnam tragicam vīderat; inquit: "Ō quanta speciēs cerebrum nōn habet!" Hōc dictum est illīs quibus Fōrtūna honōrem et glōriam tribuit, sēnsum commūnem abstulit.


Forte vulpes persónam trágicam víderat; inquit: "O quanta spécies cérebrum non habet!" Hoc dictum est illis quibus Fortúna honórem et glóriam tríbuit, sensum commúnem ábstulit.


Persō·nam tragi·cam fōr·te vul·pēs vī·derat;

"Ō quan·ta speci·ēs" in·quit "cere·brum nōn · habet!"

Hōc il·līs dict~ · est quibus · honōr~ · et glō·riam

Fōrtū·na tribu·it, sēn·sum com·mūn~ ab·stulit. 


The Fox and the Tragic Mask (trans. C. Smart)


A Fox beheld a Mask- "0 rare

The headpiece, if but brains were there !"

This holds-whene'er the Fates dispense

Pomp, pow'r, and everything but sense.


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