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IV.16. Prometheus (bis)


Parallels: For parallel versions, see Perry 515.


Rogauit alter tribadas et molles mares

quae ratio procreasset, exposuit senex:

"Idem Prometheus, auctor uulgi fictilis

qui, simul offendit ad fortunam, frangitur,

naturae partes ueste quas celat pudor

cum separatim toto finxisset die,

aptare mox ut posset corporibus suis,

ad cenam est inuitatus subito a Libero;

ubi inrigatus multo uenas nectare

sero domum est reuersus titubanti pede.

Tum semisomno corde et errore ebrio

adplicuit uirginale generi masculo,

et masculina membra adposuit feminis.

Ita nunc libido prauo fruitur gaudio."


Here is the poem in a more prose-like word order for easy reading:


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Here is the poem with meter marks:


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Someone asked Aesop why lesbians and fairies had been created, and old Aesop explained, 'The answer lies once again with Prometheus, the original creator of our common clay (which shatters as soon as it hits a bit of bad luck). All day long, Prometheus had been separately shaping those natural members which Shame conceals beneath our clothes, and when he was about to apply these private parts to the appropriate bodies Bacchus unexpectedly invited him to dinner. Prometheus came home late, unsteady on his feet and with a good deal of heavenly nectar flowing through his veins. With his wits half asleep in a drunken haze he stuck the female genitalia on male bodies and male members on the ladies. This is why modern lust revels in perverted pleasures.'




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