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Vita Aesopi

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Vita Aesopi - Life of Aesop


The following is a list of online resources available for the Life of Aesop online:




  • Aesop's Fables, with his life in English, French and Latin, with illustrations by Francis Barlow (1687). PDF from Michigan State University Libraries.
  • Vita Aesopi edited by Anton Westermann. Greek. PDF from Google Books.
  • Aesopi Phrygis vita et fabellae (1518). Facing text, Greek and Latin. Various formats at Internet Archive.
  • Vita, & Fabellae Aesopi cum interpretatione latina (1505). Various formats at Internet Archive.


Other Materials



Illustrations by Francis Barlow


Below are some images from the Life of Aesop as illustrated by Francis Barlow and published in 1687. The images come from a digital version of the text made available by Michigan State University Libraries.


Aesop and the Figs (click on image for a larger view)



Aesop and the Gardener (click on image for a larger view)



Aesop and the Baths (click on image for a larger view)


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