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10: TAURUS ET MUS - Vocabula


a: from, by (agent)

cerno, cérnere, cernit: see, discern

cornu (cornus, n.): horn

cáveo, cavére, cavet: beware of, watch out for

crus (cruris, n.): leg, shin

densus, densa, densum: thick

dico, dícere, dicit: say, speak

dóceo, docére, docet: teach, show

ego: I

et: and

fábula (fábulae, f.): story, fable

forte: by chance, accidentally

frustra: in vain, to no avail

grandis, grande (grandis): large, great

herba (herbae, f.): grass

hostis, hoste (hostis): enemy

humi: on the ground (locative case)

impúne: without punishment

lacésso, lacessáre, lacéssat: attack, harass

laesus, laesa, laesum: wounded

máximus, máxima, máximum: the greatest, very great

mínimus, mínima, mínimum: the smallest, very small

mórdeo, mordére, mordet: bite

momórdit: he bit, has bitten

mus (muris, m./f.): mouse

ne: no, not (with subjunctive verbs)

non: no, not

párvulus, párvula, párvulum: tiny

peto, pétere, petit: seek, chase

possum, posse, potest: be able, can

quamvis: even if, although

qui: who, which

quod: because

ruo, rúere, ruit: rush, charge

salvus, salva, salvum: safe

sed: but

sic: thus

sum, esse, est: be

sperno, spérnere, spernit: scorn, reject

stratus, strata, stratum: stretched out, lying down

suus, sua, suum: his, her, its, theirs

taurus (tauri, m.): bull

tego, tégere, tegit: cover, hide

tu: you

vibro, vibráre, vibrat: brandish, wave


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