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8: CORNIX ET URNA - Vocabula


ad: to, towards

ádvolo, advoláre, ádvolat: fly to, rush at

ala (alae, f.): wing

altus, alta, altum: tall, deep

aqua (aquae, f.): water

bibo, bíbere, bibit: drink

brevis, breve (brevis): short, shallow

cálculus (cálculi,  m.): pebble, small stone

clamo, clamáre, clamat: shout

cógito, cogitáre, cógitat: think, consider

consílium (consílii, n.): plan

cornix (cornícis, f.): crow, she-crow

deinde: then, next

diu: for a long time

dóceo, docére, docet: teach, show

ecce: behold, this is

ergo: so, therefore

et: and

euréka: I've found it (a Greek word)

evérto, evértere, evértit: turn over, topple

fábula (fábulae, f.): story, fable

fácio, fácere, facit: make, do

felíciter: happily

fírmiter: steadily, firmly

fórtiter: forcefully, strongly

fundus (fundi, m.): bottom

hábeo, habére, hábet: have

hic, haec, hoc: this

in: in, into

ingénium (ingénii, n.): intelligence, brains

ingeniósus, ingeniósa, ingeniósum: smart, intelligent, ingenious

invénio, inveníre, ínvenit: find, discover, invent

íterum: again, a second time

lego, légere, legit: gather, collect

levo, leváre, levat: raise, elevate

meus, mea, meum: my, mine

mitto, míttere, mittit: send, toss

modus (modi, m.): way, manner

móveo, movére, movet: move (transitive)

movétur: it moves (intransitive)

non: no, not

plus: more

possum, posse, potest: can, be able

prope: next to

quam: than

quis, quid (cuius): who, what

quod: because

rostrum (rostri, n.): beak

sed: but

sic: so, in this way

sitibúndus, sitibúnda, sitibúndum: thirsty

sto, stare, stat: stand

sum, esse, est:  be

urna (urnae, f.): pot, pitcher,  urn

váleo, valére, valet: be able, be strong

vérbero, verberáre, vérberat: beat, flap

vis (f. - pl. vires): strength

volo, velle, vult: want


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